Eeyou Istchee Baie-James is the place where the most wonderful fishing stories come to life. Here, proud fishermen boast their impressive catches. In fact, our region's diversified aquatic wildlife makes it a preferred destination for fishermen of all calibre. The hydrographical network comprises of a vast number of water stretches in all sizes, including the Mistassini and Albanel Lakes where many prized fishes are captured every season. The most sought out species for sporting fishermen are the walleye, the pike, the brook trout and the lake trout. Winter fishing is a well appreciate activity. In heated fishing fishing skacks or simply on ice, this activity reveals to outdoor lovers a pleasant way of fishing. 



Regulations and fishing area


The ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune publishes various publications, including « Sport fishing in Quebec», having to follow regulations and safety tips, and various cards including that of fishing.



Wildlife reserves Assinica and Lakes-Albanel-Mistassini-and-Waconichi


Wildlife reserves Assinica and Lakes-Albanel-Mistassiniandt-Waconichi (AMW) got many hidden treasures sports for fisherman's crazy aboout fishing which are looking for fishing trophy as well as for the ones that are fervent or parks spacious nature sites. On those disproportionate area, you will find the biggest natural freshwater lake on Quebec territories, Mistassini Lake which its lenght is 176 Km by 40 Km width in many spots. Don't resist to the temptation of breading that precious air coming from the lake and enjoy an unforgettable stay in those natural reserves where the word space takes a new dimension. 


Localisation : Lakes Albanel, Mistassini and Waconichi (zone 22)

Coordinates : 1 800 665-6527 or 418 748-7748 (Chibougamau), This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / www.sepaq.com/rf/asn/index.dot?language_id=1

Season : all summer

Species : Walleye, pike, brook trout, lake trout

Services : europeen plan

Lodging: 11 chalets of 4 persons and 2 campgrounds



Categories I et II lands


To fish in the James Bay region, you must respect the law on fishing rights in James Bay and Nouveau-Quebec territories. The James Bay and Northern Québec Agreement (1975) and the North-East Quebec (1978) provides a particular land tenure for the territory. Category 1 and 2 lands are reserved for use by the Natives. You must therefore obtain the necessary authorisations from the appropriate band councils to fish there. 


Category III lands


Fishing activities are permitted in category III lands like elsewhere in Québec. The is, however, one notable exception: certain species of fish, like coregonids, are reserved for Natives. North of the 50nd parallel, non residents of Qu.bec must call the services of an outfitter. 





See Accomodation to see informations about the outfitters in the region.