Holiday Ideas

Robert-Bourassa Facility

You are about to enter the LG-2 hydro-electric facility, the largest underground generating plant in the world. Your guide now brings you above a impressive spillway. On one side, you can admire its gigantic steps each measuring up to three stories, built right into the bedrock. On the other side, as far as the eye can see, stands a vast sea-like expanse of water. This was well worth the trip all the way to the end of the James Bay route.
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This legendary land of contrasts will transcend your imagination and surpass your expectations. Your Cree hosts are attentive and you feel privileged to share their way of life. Tonight you may forsake the comfortable inn to experience one night in a tepee! Do not forget to visit the native craft boutiques and bring back souvenirs of your memorable adventure in the James Bay / Eeyou Istchee region!
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You have been dreaming of this day for years! Now, you're finally here, admiring a impressive caribou herd parade right in front of your eyes. You can choose your trophy and unload your gun at a reasonable distance. Back at the outfitting resort, you enjoy your cabin combining modern comfort and rugged beauty. You will never forget your experience with the great deer, the true lord of the James Bay region. more details »



The sun rises on the outfitting resort. You come out of your log cabin and admire a majestic lake, lost in a forest of the James Bay region. Your friends are still asleep like the warm embers in the fire pit, and you smile, thinking back to the laughter and discussions of the previous night. Your guide has prepared the fishing boats and you are already dreaming of the pull of a combative pike !
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Covered from head to toe with your snow suit, you set off in the early morning. There isn’t a soul to be seen for miles ! Full throttle, your snowmobile is speeding ahead. Leaving a blowing trail behind, you are literally floating on the powdery snow. Not since the cowboys roamed the free ranges of the Far-West , has such freedom been experienced! You are discovering the heart of this lightly populated, vast region of James Bay .
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